A bit about me

In short: I live with my whole heart. I am sensitive, sentimental and am never afraid to "feel all of the feels".

I discovered the love of my life when I was very young and never let him go. Becoming a parent has been a ride, one that has made me intimate with baby loss, infertility, adoption, and the privilege (and challenges!) of mothering. I truly appreciate the beauty and bittersweetness of these long days and short years.

I adore and covet: thoughtful typeface and gorgeous stationary, good design that is as comfortable as it is modern, pouring over a book with a cup of coffee in hand, the smell of my daughter's hair straight after a bath, childbirth and midwifery, my husband's writing, sushi (I am completely addicted), the movie Amelie, gifts given just because, wine shared amongst friends, my favorite town on the planet--San Francisco, all things Etsy and found at the Renegade Craft Fair (I an a glutton for craftiness), French baguettes, the sounds of Ben Folds and Ani DiFranco and The Innocence Mission and Regina Spektor and The Swell Season, watching my son and daughter grow into the children I always dreamed of having...and creative people.  I simply adore those who weave clever, playful ideas into their plans and their lives.